Saturday, January 24, 2009

Passing On

Painting © 2005, By Irene Pruitt

Passing On
(Romans 5:12-21)

“I think that I see the plan of God working here.”
said the old man, with a joyous outlook on this future grief.

We were never meant to float about life
in this endless turmoil and strife.

These bodies are not made for eternity.
There is life beyond this world
that our eyes cannot see.

This sickness and pain consumes our existence.

Until death makes us part this fruitless plain.
We simply have to die we cannot remain.
Eternity starts now and begins again in another domain.

Death is the great exit from this life to the next.

No one has died and lived to tell the tale,
except for the one beneath the veil.

We know not what awaits us at the end of our stride.
Yet we say with simplicity,
“If I do not see you again in this world. . .
I will see you on the other side.”

The old man continued:

“I think that I see the plan of God working here.”

“I think I see why it is we must pass on.”

© Robbie Pruitt

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