Friday, March 2, 2012

Trail Winding

Trail Winding, Painting by Irene Pruitt, © 2009

Trail Winding

Walking the thin ribbon of death
Through mountain plateau
And the mist of breath
Peaks piercing daylight skies
Traveling winding wilderness road deft
With renewed strength, and clear eyes
Beauty strikes through, at our surprise
Wandering down mountain swirl
Without a care in the world
Only the loads on our backs
Snaking down rocky path
Soaking it all in, leaving only tracks
Elevated in His majesty
Taking in all creation we see
Longing for eternity, and all that will be
Trail winding, heart pining
Homesick, we march on
Through hillside farm, and pasture land
Homesteads and working hands
Far from our thoughts are life’s demands
On our downward spiral to ocean sands
The coast in sight, to our delight
Seeking our arrival
Before the day turns to night
Trail winds deep, into trail steeps
Hugging mountainsides
And in God’s embrace we confide
Nestled in our mountain view
Trail winding, until we are with You

© February 2012, Robbie Pruitt


  1. You have just described why hiking is one of my favorite activities on earth. And that painting--I'm sure I've walked that trail.