Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cloud’s Lining

Photo “April 2nd,” by Anna Carter, taken from YouTube, Courtesy of Anna Carter, © March 3, 2012. Thank you Anna.

Cloud’s Lining
(Soundtrack: April 2nd)

We wined and dined
Walked the silver line
Wound our way back
And there we were again
And there you were my friend
Back where we started
We came back around
And back around
We were found
Took us twenty-five years
And twenty-five years we drown
Underneath the undertow
Affection and afterglow
Until each other
Was all there was to know
The sky blinded
And the clouds danced
The sun gleamed
At what we chanced
Silver lined
The cloud shadowed in time
But silver’s stream
Made love gleam
Still we dream
Silver shimmering as we go mining
Cloud’s lining kept us shining

© February 2012, Robbie Pruitt

National Poetry Month and Steel and Stone

We are mid way through this April's National Poetry Month (2012). For Poetry Month I am continuing to post a new poem every week and a different poem from my poetry blog every day. I have also put together a manuscript of poetry called “Steel and Stone” that was submitted to a poetry book contest this year. If anyone is interested in a copy of this “rough draft,” I will email it to you in PDF format for $10.00 or for free, click here, and/or send your request to