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Barnabas: Joses, the son of encouragement, ‘son of paraklēsis’, exhorter, encourager


Encouragement’s son
Fanning sparks to flames
Until the work is done
Until His Kingdom
Has come
Until His will
Is done
On earth as it is
In Heaven
Until the yeast
Is worked in
And all is leavened

© April 2012, Robbie Pruitt

Who was Barnabas?

Barnabas was the exemplary encourager, witness, and servant. Nothing he did was for himself. He freely gave of his resources to the church (Acts 4:36–37), thus providing an example of how one with material means can serve the church. He confirmed Paul to the disciples, when some had doubted Paul’s sincerity (Acts 9:26–27). He was an encourager and teacher at Antioch (Acts 11:22–30). He engaged in a missionary journey with Paul (Acts 13:1–15:12). Even when Paul had doubts about John Mark, Barnabas continued to offer encouragement that eventually bore fruit (Acts 15:36–40; 2 Tim. 4:11). In a church under pressure, where it would have been easy for some to complain or blame, Barnabas, by example and word, continually encouraged others to serve.

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