Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fallen Angels, Guest Post

This image is adapted from "Fall of Day," by William Rimmer from the Museum of Fine Arts: Boston

The following poem is a guest post by Faneva Durandisse from my Bible 10 class. This poem was a part of her Bible presentation on the fall of Lucifer from before creation. This poem has been reposted here with permission from the author.

Fallen Angels

How do you fall from the good into the pit of hell?
You came from pureness and fell into your malicious ways
Was God’s glory not enough to please you?
With a land flowing with milk and honey
To the Garden of Eden and all His wonders
How was it all not perfect to you?
Something so clean so delightful
A place where you can savor the pleasurable life for an eternity
How is it so easy for you to turn away?
Were your desires to powerful for you to control?
The evil spirits have taken over your happiness
They search for other pleasures
Those that hurt you and bring you down
They are fallen angels
They look for your imperfection
They search for that weak spot so they may take over
They are the fallen angels
Manipulating your minds, they haul you down to the dark side
These evil spirits are Satan’s conspirators
They are tricky and they deceive you easily
They are the fallen angels
If you abide in the Lord’s rules, it is harder to fall so easily
If you keep away from the malevolent it is harder to be deceived
Life is easier to live in peace
In harmony with God and what He created

© September 17, 2012, Faneva Durandisse

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