Saturday, February 2, 2013

Restoration is Here

The Drama of Scripture cover from

An epic poem based on The Drama of Scripture: 
Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story
By Craig G. Bartholomew and Michael W. Goheen

Act 6: The Return of the King: Redemption Completed

Act 6: The Return of the King: Redemption Completed: 

Restoration is Here

Restoration the final act
When all is made new
All that is broken had been seen to
When all is made right
All will worship at that day
When there is no more night
When Jesus has come back
He will have worshippers
A number too great to count
And to God’s own glory—surmount  
Recreation and restoration we are to be about
And on the mountaintop we will all shout!
It is, indeed, finished!
Death has been diminished
“All that is sad will come untrue”
And creation will be renewed
We will praise His name until that final day is done
Until all can say, “I am His daughter. I am His son.”
We wait until He comes on the cloud
When the final glory has been revealed
At the lifting of the final shroud
Then we will worship
With a many a shout—as we all yell out loud
Hosanna to our King
May His glory ever ring! 

This is how the story comes to its final end,
when all has just commenced
And all is made new again, as it was in former days hence

© September 7, 2012, Robbie Pruitt 


  1. what a day it will be when it finallly refreshing it feels to think on restoration...i wonder will it be like anything we can feebly imagine...

  2. and we will go rejoicing, trees clapping their hands, restored, redeemed, life as we never knew it here...