Monday, April 8, 2013

Rehearsal by Rod Meadth

Nazarene Street, drawing courtesy of Rod Meadth

The following poem, Rehearsal, as well as the drawing above, Nazarene Street, is courtesy of Rod Meadth. Rod is the secondary principal at Quisqueya Christian School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti where I teach. Rod is a gifted administrator and teacher and is a talented musician and a diverse artist. He is also a great boss. Most importantly, Rod loves Jesus and his family and is committed to glorifying God in all that he does. It is with great pleasure that I post his poem here for National Poetry Month.


Above are glories shining,
               Down below are shadowlands,
The skies are your designing,
               Concrete cracking, human hands.
The morning sings out praises,
               While our faces face the mud,
Pink and grey and gold still blazes,
               Thoughts of flesh and lives of blood.
The days are drawing nearer,
               When you open up the skies,
Holding mud and concrete dearer,
               Will we even lift our eyes?

Poem and prayer by Rod Meadth

Prayer: Lord, we consider beautiful sunrises to be a rehearsal for Your Great Return. What a beautiful sky awaits! What colors, all putting on their very best final performance for the King of Kings! We fear that only man, in all his distraction, will fail in his choreography, having missed out on daily practice. May it not be so. Amen.

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