Sunday, May 19, 2013

Park Swing

Would You like to swing on a Star, photo by mandolin davis

Park Swing

My city she sleeps
As she dreams and thinks of you
How she once held you
And cradled you in her arms

Watching your beauty
As you swung under the full moon’s light
And she misses you
And I miss you

© 2000, Robbie Pruitt

A poem from Finlay Park, Downtown Columbia, SC

This was one of the poems rejected for Sense of the Midlands, a poetry compilation coming out later this year from Muddy Ford Press. It is exciting that they picked up my poem ‘What the Moon Say’ for the book. I am thrilled about this project and honored to be a part of it. More to come.


  1. smiles...very cool piece...i am a sucker for city pieces though...