Monday, January 6, 2014

The Last of December’s Sun

The Last of December’s Sun, photo by Jack Baumgartner

The Last of December’s Sun

It was the last of December’s sun
A parting gift of day—an illuminating ray
The fire nestled between the trees
Snow and ice crunching beneath
The snow-covered road winding through the hay
The frozenness of this last day
Ice shimmers and stills—frozen
Juxtaposing the warmth of life
This is what the end has chosen
The sun sets down, the dew crystalizes
The snow flakes and ice shimmers and shakes—frozen
Through thorny bush and purple hue,
Life begins to sleep in front of you
The evergreen bears the weight of snow
And the end tells us all we need to know
At evening’s close—the last of December’s sun
The night has come—the day is done
The wings of birds flutter farewell—
Against the silence and the setting sun
Time and the fields are frozen now
And life sleeps and shifts as it knows how

© January 6, 2014, Robbie Pruitt

This poem is based on a photo blog post by Jack Baumgartner entitled “The Last of December’s Sun” and a song by Jack, track #1, The Oak Leaf, guitar. Jack is a very talented artist, photographer and musician and an amazing woodworker. You can visit Jack’s work at “The School of the Transfer of Energy.”

The Last of December’s Sun, photo by Jack Baumgartner