Friday, April 4, 2014

Judas: 30 Pieces of Silver

Judas: 30 Pieces of Silver

I’ve got 30 pieces of me
Wrapped up in sackcloth and misery
30 pieces of treachery
Silver pieces of sin and sorrow
Turning freedom into slavery
Stealing away my tomorrow
I’ve got 30 pieces of silver sin
Selling me out and trading me in
30 pieces of death and regret
Cheap trinkets and lies—I lost the bet
Without a doubt—I’ve got 30 pieces of selling out
Gambled with Life and sold Him strife!
This is what I’m all about
My life hangs in silver pieces
Death and judgment into eternity
I’ve got 30 pieces of me
One silver coin of self-flipping in the air—
No sense of concern; no empathy; no care
One silver coin of selfishness and apathy—
I led them to he garden at night, you see—
Darkness got the best of me
One silver coin of greed and tragedy—
A public spectacle for all to see
One silver coin slide—
I have nothing but my pride
One silver coin roll—
I’m a devil out of control
One silver coin of lies—
Deceit covered all eyes
One silver coin would just roll and roll—
Religion takes its toll; it sells the soul
One silver coin of shame—
I gave them His place and His name
One silver coin of lust—
I seek my own good, because I must
One silver coin tumbles to the floor—
All I wanted was just a little more
One silver coin sings with a ring—
I sold out The King of Kings—
For anything a King would bring
One silver coin crashes—
I took the money and He took the lashes
One silver coin shimmer—
It’s the things of this world that glimmer
One silver coin of thirty—
My hands are dirty
One silver coin fall—
This looser looses all
One silver coin bounces and flips—
Trust is gone; I’ve lost my grip
One silver coin hits the wall—
I took the money; He took the fall
One silver coin clashes another—
I sold out my brother
One silver coin dances in the spill—
I stole from the poor; it’s a bitter pill
One silver coin with another, they meet—
I betray with a kiss when I greet
One silver coin rolled alone—
It spilt out upon the stone
One silver coin numbered with many—
Buried in the potter’s field, a death as good as any
One silver coin spun in time—
We dip together when we dine, His hand and mine
One silver coin teetered and swayed—
Lies, death, greed, lust and idols persuade
One silver coin drops in line—
A coward coerced and without a spine
One silver coin follows the other—
In the darkness of the darkness’s cover
One silver coin snags and shakes loose—
Hangs in the bag like the betrayer’s noose
One silver coin fell through the cracks—
This one has a devil and the devil gives no take-backs
One silver coin snagged and delayed—
The deed has been done; He was betrayed
One silver coin splashed and up it sprang—
There from the branch despair would hang
I’ve got 30 pieces of me
Poured out on the ground for all to see

© February 26, 2014, Robbie Pruitt

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