Monday, December 1, 2014

Been Fishing for Me

 Photo by William Doran. Creative Commons license via Flickr.

Been Fishing for Me

The old man and the sea
Fished into eternity

I’ve been fishing for me
Casting constantly
Waiting endlessly
For a great catch from this sea

Hemingway never made it
To the end of the catch you see
He was caught by death and despair
When his line tugged under
He pulled and fought
Until his fingers bled
He was pulled asunder
Distraught until he was dead

The old man caught the sea
And I wonder, “What will become of me?”

© August 8, 2014, Robbie Pruitt

This post was written for the Tweetspeak Poetry prompt using “fishing” as a metaphor for life. You can click here to read more or to submit your own.

The Old Man and The Sea animated movie:

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