Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Name is Ash

Cry The Blood, by Jack Baumgartner, 
photo from The School of the Transfer of Energy

i am erth poetry
Based on Cry the Blood, i am erth, by Jack Baum

For a soundtrack to this poem, listen to the last track here.

My Name is Ash

From ashes to ashes
From dust to dust
When the mountain falls
We are crushed
Pummeled to dust and grave
Weary under the weathered
Parched and hostile land
We waited on the rain
The drop from heaven
That would spring The Garden
To new life from desolation
Broken over the rock of ground
And the sweat of the brow
My name called, as it knew how

© August 22, 2015, Robbie Pruitt

My friend Jack Baumgartner recently released his album “Cry The Blood”, from i am earth, Jack Baumgartner. This is a heartfelt and sacrificial work of pilgrimage. The blood sweat and tears in this music cries out in beautiful heart felt harmony. This work is organic in sound and is simply beautiful. I am moved. This is music for the soul. If you are going to buy an album this year, well, this one has breath and life in it. It cries the blood.

Visit Jack Baumgartner at The School of the Transfer of Energy here:

You may also purchase your copy of “Cry The Blood” from i-tunes here.

You may also purchase your copy of “Cry The Blood” from Amazon here.

Visit the webpage for “Cry The Blood” here:

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