Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Agape Love

Agape, photo by Marcelino Rapayla Jr., from Flickr, Creative Commons

This National Poetry Month I will be posting a sequence of poems, written last year and this year, for others in a series called Giving Poetry. In this series, people request a poem using a title, specific words, concepts, or ideas. After writing the poem, I send it to them, posting it on Facebook and on my blog. This is Giving Poetry.

Concept: Agape Love

Agape Love: for Crysty

The true friend, the sister, the brother,
looks beyond the self and to the other.
The Christian’s love doth commune!
It spills out into service and makes room—
space and time, for people, the body, His bride—
God’s church—under His cross—under His steeple.
Agape love is broken as bread and intertwines.
It pours out in communion wine—in joy—as we dine.
Agape love is a feast of fellowship divine.
His life and love poured out for yours and for mine.

© April 2, 2016, Robbie Pruitt

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