Monday, April 4, 2016

Seeing the Flowers

Poppies on the Golan Heights, photo by Ian Scott, from Flickr, Creative Commons

This National Poetry Month I will be posting a sequence of poems, written last year and this year, for others in a series called Giving Poetry. In this series, people request a poem using a title, specific words, concepts, or ideas. After writing the poem, I send it to them, posting it on Facebook and on my blog. This is Giving Poetry.

Title: Seeing the Flowers

Concept: something about seeing the flowers instead of the mountains

Seeing the Flowers: for Elaine

The splendor of the rolling hills
and peaks captivated him for hours.
Their majesty and splendor towered.

She reflected. Through the windowpane,
flowers emerged, as the landscape waned
from brown, to green, to color stained.

The blooms blew gently in the spring breeze.
Their colors rolled in shades of red and purple hue.
“Look!” she exclaimed. He replied, “This mountain view!”

He saw the mountains, while she saw the flowers.
There is something about seeing
the flowers instead of the mountains.

© April 2, 2016, Robbie Pruitt


  1. how beautiful! Jesus Himself calls us to: "Consider the lilies of the field..." I've only found one Biblical reference to looking at the mountains..."I lift my eyes to the hills..." and that one is a warning to avoid the worship as the pagans do-- "for my help comes from the LORD." (just as the lilies of the field testify of His sovereign providence...) LOVE YOUR POEM! Patricia

  2. Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to comment so beautifully and thoughtfully! Blessings and Peace! Robbie